Pressure-Pro Pressure Washers

Pressure-Pro, Inc. has been built on the principles of honesty, integrity, high quality product, excellent customer service, and technical knowledge. 

Our Most Popular Pressure-Pro Pressure Washer Models

Eagle Series Electric, V-Belt

Pressure-Pro’s electric powered pressure washers can be used in an unventilated area, like a garage, basement, or kitchen. Electric motors are measured by taking horsepower and voltage to get amperage(amps).

Pro Series

Nothing is faster or more efficient, for larger outdoor cleaning, than a power pressure washer.

Hot Shot Series Diesel, 12V Models

Pressure-Pro’s cold and hot diesel powered pressure washers are engineered for longer engine life for the toughest of jobs.

Pro-Super Skid Gas Engine V-Belt Drive 12v Model

Pressure-Pro’s gas powered pressure washers generally take less time & effort to clean large areas and are designed for outdoor use.

Pro Super Skid Tow Pro Trailers

Reliable Honda & Subaru gasoline Commercial/Industrial electric start engines, Includes 12 volt battery and marine battery box

Pro-Skid Series

Pro-Skid units can be combined with various cold water pump/engine units to achieve a “Totally Self Contained” 100 or 200 gallon tank feed system. Available pressures of 2400 PSI to 4000 PSI and flow rates up to 10 GPM in belt, gear, and direct drive configurations.