Get faster and superior results using our complete, new line of environmentally friendly, phosphate-free detergents.

Faster, superior results 

The entire world is demanding more sustainable solutions in everything we do and detergents are no exception. Where most sustainable solutions come with some compromise, Landa has improved the performance, the speed and in most cases, lowered the in use cost for our complete line of detergents. At the same time, we have removed all of the phosphate, NTA and EDTA additives and replaced them with better performing materials that have less environmental impact. That’s a win for everybody.

General Purpose Cleaner

General Purpose Cleaner is a blend of ingredients formulated to provide a low-foaming detergent for safe removal of dirt and grime off a broad range of surfaces.

Building Interior and Exterior Cleaner

Building Interior and Exterior Cleaner is a phosphate-free detergent and is safe to use on aluminum, stainless steel, glass, plastic, paint, stone and masonry surfaces.

Concrete Cleaner

Concrete Cleaner is formulated to clean stone and concrete surfaces. It is effective in removing oil, grease, baked-on carbon, tar and asphalt from unfinished concrete floors, walls and grout.

Brick and Masonry Graffiti Remover

Landa Graffiti Remover is perfect for exterior brick, masonry, and concrete surfaces. It penetrates deep and acts fast for effective and thorough loosening and removal of spray-paint graffiti.

Chlorinated Degreaser

Chlorinated Degreaser removes fats, oils and greases typically found in food service and food processing establishments. This formula is safe on stainless steel, aluminum and painted surfaces.

Hood and Duct Degreaser

Hood and Duct Cleaner is specifically designed to remove the dangerous build-up of grease in exhaust hoods of food cooking establishments.

Industrial Grease and Carbon Remover

This heavy-duty degreaser quickly removes grime, spent oil and grease in a variety of applications, including vehicles, equipment, RVs, drilling rigs, trucks and other structures.

Auto Wash

Auto Wash is a low-foam detergent used to safely remove dirt and grime found on most vehicles. It is formulated to reduce water spots caused by hard water, leaving a brilliant shine.

Concrete Remover

Concrete Remover effectively removes concrete splatters and deposits form construction vehicles, equipment, tools and commercial surfaces. Not intended for use on fine automotive finishes

Fleet Degreaser

Fleet Degreaser is a highly concentrated degreaser designed for petroleum based soils like heavy deposits of oil, grease and dirt, as well as grease, hydraulic oils and diesel smoke stains.

Heavy Equipment Detergent

Heavy Equipment Detergent can be used on any surface. It is excellent as a pre-spray for softening and breaking up dried or baked-on mud, bugs, greasy film, diesel fuel, or lubricants.

Salt and Ice Melt Remover

Salt and Ice Melt Remover removes heavy soil as well as damaging road salt residue. Effective on fine automotive finishes as well as construction equipment, trucks and fleet vehicles.