Kärcher offers a wide range of Home & Garden cleaning products to help keep your home looking its best. We are the world’s largest manufacturer of pressure washers and window vacs, and the top brand for hard floor cleaners in Germany. We can’t wait to put our products to work for you!

Why Choose Kärcher?

Kärcher manufactures the best home and garden tools available for consumer use.

Electric Pressure Washers

Customers tell us they chose an electric model because of price, ease of use, storage and pressure (there’s less chance of damaging delicate surfaces like wood when you clean with 2,000 psi or less)

Gas Pressure Washers

Kärcher Home & Garden gas powered pressure washers are ideal for cleaning small homes to large estates. Choose from models with Kärcher, Honda® or Kohler® engines in a wide range of performance specs, up to 4,000 PSI.

Push Sweepers

Sweep driveways, garages, sidewalks, decks, patios and more up to 5X quicker. Kärcher’s push-powered manual sweepers require no electricity and are quiet to operate.

Vacuum Cleaners

Kärcher cordless vacuums offer powerful suction and extended runtimes. Our 2-in-1 ultralight design easily converts to a hand vacuum.

Wet/Dry Vacuum

Kärcher’s space-saving wet/dry vacuums clean homes, shops and cars with ease. With one gallon to six gallon canisters, these small shop vacs are easy to empty and take up little storage space.

Cordless Electric Brooms

Our electric brooms quickly sweep your home’s hardwood floors, stairs and rugs. These lightweight, cordless sweepers pick up pet hair and dirt much more quietly than a vacuum. Perfect for everyday floor cleaning!

Steam Cleaners

Kärcher steam cleaners kill up to 99.9%* of household bacteria, ensuring maximum hygiene and a healthy living environment. Whether in the kitchen, the bathroom or even on floors, it’s full steam ahead with Kärcher!

Window Cleaner

Window washing used to be a chore but our Window Vacs changed all that. Now you can clean your windows up to 3X quicker, without streaks or drips. The best way to clean windows, mirrors and glass around the home!

Hard Floor Cleaner

Regular mops just wipe the surface – our hard floor cleaners really clean. The FC 5 will cut your floor cleaning time in half and deliver a spotless shine. Best of all, your newly cleaned floors will dry in two minutes or less!


With Kärcher original accessories, you can optimize the power and extend the areas of use of your cleaning machines.


Detergents enable you to clean more quickly and thoroughly. Used with your pressure washer, hard floor cleaner or window cleaner, detergents reduce your cleaning time and deliver a deeper level of cleanliness.

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